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PC Patrol Software - Sound Effects

PC Patrol's ability to play carefully timed, orchestrated and personalized scenarios of sound effects is considered by many as its most outstanding feature!

PC Patrol plays these sound effects both in response to sensor activity (i.e. when a sensor is tripped) and, as random selections from a list of Background Sounds.

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Typically, scenarios of sound effects are used to simulate peoples' presence in the building but they can also serve a variety of notification purposes.

Record the Sound Effects yourself!
Using Windows95's 'Sound Recorder' it is simplicity itself to record your voice, friends voices, party noises, your kids at play, TV voices, telephone calls and conversations, the toilet flushing ... you get the picture!

Your aim here is to have sound effects that are so realistic coming from your area, no-one will be able to tell them from the real thing!

The right sounds for the right times!
As if the ability to record your own sounds didn't make 'sound effects' powerful enough, consider PC Patrol's ability to differentiate between Time Periods. You can now configure Sound effects to play at appropriate times of the day!

As an example, someone tripping a sensor may hear one or a combination of:

    Morning period - a shower running and then turning off, breakfast dishes clanking in the sink, an electric shaver, a hair dryer, somebody singing (do you sing in the morning? :) ).
    Noon period - a vacuum cleaner, washing machine, TV, children squabbling or at play, a telephone conversation, you calling 911!
    Night period - people in conversation, dinner being prepared, TV noises, snoring, you waking up and calling "who's there?".

Background Sounds!
These Background Sounds are sound effects played at random intervals, regardless of the level of security at which PC PATROL is currently set. An Interval textbox sets the maximum time period in which a sound will occur randomly. For example, if you set this control to 300 seconds:

  • At any time within a 5 minute time period PC PATROL will randomly select one of the eight sounds in that Scheme and will play it.
  • After that 5 minutes, a new 5 minute period will begin and a randomly selected sound from the eight sounds in that Scheme will again play at any time, and so on.
Background Sounds also use Time Periods so sounds are always authentic for that time of the day.