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PC Patrol Software - Multiple Paging

The ability of PC Patrol to page multiple people now gives you the user, incredible power!

It offers you Protection!
Protection by a 'state of the art' security system that will instantly notify yourself, neighbors, colleagues, friends, even a security guard or doorman, to either react to an intrusion themselves or call the authorities where prudent.

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It offers you Safety!
Safety for your kids because you are paged if they get into the gun cabinet or the cupboard under the sink where poisonous chemicals are kept. Safety for you to know if anyone has entered your home and lies in wait for you.

It offers you Awareness!
Awareness that somebody has just entered your office or a secure and sensitive area of your workplace. Awareness that your children have just accessed a certain area of your home. Awareness that your kids arrive home from school when they are supposed to or have sneaked out when they are not allowed!

It offers you Information!
With the ability to page with different zone codes, you can piece together a sequence of events, from wherever you are.

Intuitive design!
PC Patrol's paging function has had to be designed in an incredibly intuitive fashion, as there is no international paging protocol and, as you can imagine, the number of different paging services is immense. The design lets PC Patrol exactly mimic the way a person would manually use the paging service and enables you to fine tune the call to fit in with the peculiarities of dialing.

This is a glimpse into the power of PC PATROL! Prefixes and/or Suffixes may or may not be required, Paging Services sometimes have spoken messages before the number to be sent can be entered, some may not need the # symbol to be entered, and so on. Use the Advanced Pager Settings to fit PC PATROL's process of paging with each particular Paging Service.