PC Patrol Software - Event Logging

The Event Log is a record of all that your PC PATROL system experiences and performs, displayed as either a browser viewable HTML document with hypertext or as a text file.

The Log is a powerful tool that enables you to piece together the sequence of events in any intrusion or other sensor activity, as well as enabling quick access to view any recorded video.

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Recorded on the Log you will find:

    System startup and shutdown, and switches between Levels.
    All signals received from sensors, with date and time and zone information.
    Sound files played.
    Video (AVI files) recorded.
    Paging details of all pager calls.

As an example:
You have just arrived home after being paged by PC PATROL. Click on the Log hotspot and select to view the HTML Log. Your Internet browser will start up and you will see a list of all that has happened.

Click on the hypertext video (.avi) file names and watch a replay of any video or snapshot that has been recorded. Click on the hypertext sound (.wav) file names and hear a replay of any sound that has been played. See who has entered, know when they entered and using the Zone information, know where they came in.

On a more passive note, you can tell when all of your staff arrive for work, whether your kids get home late (and where they sneak in) and countless other uses.

A HTML (pcpatrol.htm) log and a Text (pcpatrol.log) log will automatically be recorded from the first startup of PC PATROL. The File Name textbox enables you to set the destination of the log file. You may wish the log to be recorded to a network server or other drive on your PC. Type in the destination folder path or click on the button and select the folder you desire. The TEXT and HTML radio buttons are to specify in what form the log will be displayed when the View Log button is clicked.