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PC Patrol - Wireless Point of Entry Sensor

The PC Patrol 'point of entry' sensor is a self contained, radio transmitter designed for use on any 'entry point. e.g. doors, windows, cabinets, drawers, gates et al.

Typically, the bracket of the point of entry sensor is mounted on the moveable part of a door or window, with the transmitter fitting inside it. The bracket enables the transmitter to be moved (if required) and placed in additional brackets in other locations.

The accompanying magnet is mounted on the door or window frame as close as possible to the red LED of the transmitter.

hard_poe.gif (4139 bytes)


When the door or window is opened, the reed switch in the end of the transmitter is separated from the magnet and the transmitter sends a signal to the Receiver.

With every transmission, the red LED flickers to indicate that a signal has been sent.

The distance between the magnet and transmitter when they are placed, can be up to half an inch, though you should always try to place the transmitter and magnet as close together as is possible. Any greater distance between them, by design, causes the transmission of a signal, as happens when the door or window is opened. Actual distance will depend on the composition of the surfaces you fasten the transmitter and magnet to (i.e. Wood, metal, plastic etc.). Metal will weaken the magnet's magnetic field slightly, so on metal surfaces the gap between the transmitter and magnet should be as small as possible.

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Range 100 to 130 feet, depending on positioning and surroundings.
Power source One #23A 12V Alkaline Battery
RF Carrier Frequency 303 MHz with quartz stability
Codes 256 Bit Security Code Transmission.
Dimensions Width 1.5" (38mm)
Height 2.6" (66mm)
Depth 0.8" (20mm)
Weight (with battery) 1.1oz (31g)





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