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Understanding Levels

PC Patrol has TWO different levels of security. These are simply named "Level 1" and "Level 2".

Level 1
When you are away, have your system set at Level 1 and leave PC Patrol to protect the area with the full power of a high tech security system.

Level 2
When you are at home, should your security system just be switched 'off' and be of absolutely no use to you? Of course not ... not when your system has a SECOND Level of Security!

PC Patrol gives you the versatility of Level 2. When you are home, you can be informed if children enter a danger area(pool, gun cabinet, medicine chest) or you can keep an eye on your baby. In your office, you can be notified when your personnel enter sensitive areas and can view them on your PC monitor.

The Power of Level 1
Level 1 lets you set up scenarios of up to eight (Video, Paging or Sound) Events. Background Sounds are played and a time and date log is also kept of sensor activity. Level 1 is designed to give you a maximum of configuration options to optimize the use of the paging, video and sound tools available with PC Patrol. Level 1 is typically used to provide maximum protection while the user is absent.

  • Scenarios of up to eight events (video, paging or sound) can be set up for each of two zones (Zone A and Zone B) and each of three Periods of the day (Morning, Noon and Night).This gives you a total of six Event Schemes in response to sensor activity.
  • For each paging event, you can fine tune PC Patrol to exactly mimic the way a person would call the pager service and leave a security code.
  • For each video event, you can set duration and capture rate(to optimize hard drive use), as well as any delay before the camera begins to record video.
  • For each sound event, you can modify delays between it and the previous event, set a duration for the sound to be played consecutively (loops) and modify the volume and balance of each individual sound.
  • Background sounds that require no sensor activity are played. PC Patrol will randomly play, within configured time intervals, one of up to eight sounds. For authenticity, Period Schemes are used so that the sounds coming from the area are appropriate for that time of the day.

The Lifestyle of Level 2
Level 2 is designed to have only a single video, paging and sound event, as well as recording a log entry of sensor activity.

Level 2 is designed for use while you are present in the area. It lets you interact with PC Patrol, using its monitoring abilities to keep you informed of happenings in your environment.